80 Interesting Car Facts

80 Interesting Car Facts you would love to know about, as start with first car available to the masses was Motorwagen – Benz patent manufactured by Ford Motor Company in 1908. It was invented by German inventor Karl Benz. Really shocking and amazing car facts you will like for sure are all below so just enjoy to know about them, so don’t miss any one of them.

Interesting Car Facts
Interesting Car Facts


  1. A car was created that is fueled by cappuccino as an attempt at creating a renewable energy source.
  2. In Sweden, your car headlights have to be on at all times when driving, even in broad daylight.
  3. In 1941 Henry ford made a car out of Soyabeans.
  4. The first car accident occurred in 1891, in Ohio.
  5. During a car crash 40% drivers don’t even hit their car brakes.
  6. It would take more than 150 years for car to drive to sun.
  7. The heaviest limousine weighs over 50,000 pounds and houses up to 40 passengers. It contains three lounges and a bar.
  8. There is six wheeled super car called Covini C6W.
  9. 16% of people never wash their car.
  10. Hong Kong city has most Rolls Royce per Capita income.
  11. A Modern F1 car can drive upside down in a tunnel at an speed of 120 mph.
  12. 95% of cars lifetime is spent in parking.
  13. 5 shilling fine for first motor offence in 1895, issued in UK for not having license.
  14. The most expensive car ever sold at a public auction was a 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196R Formula 1 race car, which went for a staggering $30 million at Bonhams in July 2013. The record was previously held by a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa Prototype, sold in California at an auction for $16.4 million.
  15. Toyota the world’s largest manufacturer, produce 13000 cars daily.
  16. If you press a key fob more than 256 times while out of range, it will cause it to stop working. It has to do with the encryption, because of the way they are programmed.
  17. In 2004 Volvo introduced a concept car that was built for women without a hood and dent-resistant bumpers.
  18. The Ford Fiesta has been the top selling car in the United Kingdom for over four years.
  19. Until the automobile came along in the late 1800s, petrol (gasoline) was largely a waste product and a nuisance to the oil refining industry.
  20. The new car smell is composed of over 50 volatile organic compounds.
  21. The world’s fastest street legal production car is the Bugatti Veyron super sport, at 267 MPH/ 431 km/hr.
  22. In 2012 nevada became first state to issue licences for self driving cars.
  23. Average Bugatti Owner has 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht.
  24. Many british traffic police carry teddy bears to console children with after car crashes.
  25. 80% of formula one team use an exhaust pipe coating originally developed for nuclear reactors.
  26. A Greek taxi driver has the highest recorded mileage to date (2.9 million miles) on a Mercedes. He donated his car to the museum, and he was gifted a new car.
  27. The first car to use a rear-view mirror was driven by inaugural Indy 500 winner Ray Harroun in 1911 to see the cars catching up behind him.
  28. Parking takes as much as 14% land use in Los Angeles.
  29. The car system converts used coffee grounds to flammable gas. It takes 56 espressos to fuel one mile in the car-puccino.
  30. If a car in Malaysia is too successful, competitors can have its price raised.
  31. It takes about 25 hours to build a car, a whopping 10 hours of that 25 is spent painting the car. (wonder how long this one took below? yikes!)
  32. In Turkmenistan drivers are given 120 liters of free patrol every month.
  33. Its criminal offence to drive in a dirty car in Russia.
  34. The odds of dying in car accident is 1 out of 5000.
  35. 75% of the cars produced by Rolls – Royce are still on road.
  36. The average car in total has 30000 parts.
  37. It will take six months to travel to moon at an average speed of 95 km/hr.
  38. The inventor of cruise control was blind.
  39. A care has been developed in Germany which is controlled completely by drivers thought.
  40. Holding a remote car key to your head doubles its range as human skull acts as an amplifier.
  41. $1000000 the largest speeding fine ever given to a Swedish person who got clocked doing 180 mph.
  42. Volkswagen owns Bentley, Bugatti, lamborghini, audi, ducati and porche.
  43. 99 days will be spent stuck in traffic by the average british driver over the course of their lifetime.
  44. In 2009, New York and New Jersey were surveyed as having the worst drivers in America.
  45. Residents of Churchill, Canada leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter polar bears on Main Street.
  46. In the early years of twenty century horses were causing so much pollution with their poop, that cars were seen as green alternative.
  47. In many states in USA, you can be charged with a DUI even if the car is parked and you are sleeping while drunk.
  48. An airbag takes only 40 milliseconds to deflate.
  49. One of the first flying cars was a Ford Pinto, which killed its inventor when the wings came off mid flight.
  50. Red cars are prohibited in shanghai, china.
  51. Drivers kill more deer than hunters.
  52. A man drove his 1990 Honda Accord for one million miles and was thrown a parade by Honda itself.
  53. There were at least 6 drivers license registered with name Jesus Christ in California.
  54. 92% of new sold cars in brazil use ethanol as fuel, which is produced from sugarcane.
  55. In 1900, 40% of American cars were powered by steam, 38% by electricity and 22% by gasoline.
  56. Volkswagen named many of their cars after winds. Passat (after german word for trade wind, golf (after gulf stream), Bora after (bora), Polo (after polar winds) and jetta (after jet stream).
  57. Windshield wipers were invented by woman.
  58. 19 inches the height of world’s first lowest street- regal car.
  59. 1 out of the 4 cars produced in world comes from china.
  60. Hitler once in jail wrote Mercedes dealer begging for car loan.
  61. About 180000 cars are produced every day.
  62. There are more cars in Los Angeles than people in there.
  63. Ferrari Produce a maximum of 14 cars per day.
  64. 19 people can be cramped in a smart car.
  65. The engine on the BMW M5 is so quiet the company plays fake engine noises through the speakers to remind drivers of their car’s performance.
  66. A man bought a Volvo P1800 brand new in 1966 and has since driven it nearly 3 MILLION miles.
  67. You can instantly cool down a car that has been sitting under the sun by rolling down the window on one side and opening and closing the door on the other side five to six times.
  68. 1 out of every 7 cars sold in the United States are sold in southern California.
  69. There are currently more than 1.2 billion cars on earth in use.
  70. 80% of cars registered in Albania are Mercedes Benz.
  71. 90% of drivers sing while driving.
  72. Cars are the most recycled product in the world.
  73. It is perfectly legal to outfit your car with flame throwers in the country of South Africa.
  74. The Bugatti Veyron takes 10 seconds to stop from its top speed of 253 mph.
  75. Honking your car horn, except in emergency is illegal in New York.
  76. In 1916, 55% of the cars in the world were Model T Ford which is still an unbroken record.
  77. Car wrecks are the number one cause of death for Americans under 35.
  78. 35% population of world drives on the left side of the road.
  79. When the car radio was introduced , some states wanted to ban it arguing that it could distract drivers and cause accident.
  80. The average American spends about 38 hours in a year stuck in traffic.

Last But not least all the above facts are really interesting.

Major Source :- Factslides and Carloan4u

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