Amazing Women Unbelievable To Exist

Amazing Women Unbelievable To Exist – Today I will share with you some of the Amazing Women Unbelievable To Exist living in this world and are really Unbelievable to think of them, after knowing the facts about them. I tried to find about most of them but came to a list of only 15 women who I think really are curious and unbelievable to know about.

Amazing Women Unbelievable To Exist
Amazing Women Unbelievable To Exist


1) Jyoti Amge born in 1993 is an Indian woman who is the world’s smallest women measuring only 2 ft (62.8 cm) tall. Her height is caused by a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. Both her parents are normal height.

2) Mandy Sellars: – From U.K with extremely large legs and weighing 95 kilogrammes in 2009 and measuring one meter in circumference. Diagnosed with Proteus Syndrome found extremely rare and is thought to affect only 120 people worldwide.

3) Abigail and Brittany Hensel :- Born on March 7, 1990 are dicephalic parapagus twins, meaning that they are conjoined twins. The twins have a single body with separate heads and necks, a chest that is wider than normal, two arms, and two legs.

4) Julia Gnuse :- The world’s most tattooed woman. All her tattoos have come from the same artist and have cost an estimated $80,000. She has a skin condition called porphyria which causes blisters on her skin when it’s exposed to sunlight. She got tattoos to cover up the blisters.

5) Charity Pierce:- Worlds fattest woman at 780 lbs and wants to reduce weight fast, In fact at 38 Charity has a 22-year old finance Tony Sauer whom she said she had sex with 4 times a day in the beginning of their relationship.

6) Mikel Ruffineli:- Holds the record for world’s largest hips with a circumference of eight feet.She weighs 420 pounds and her waist is only 40 inches. She has given birth to four children. At 420lbs she drives a truck because she can’t fit in a car and has too often walk thru doors sideways. She says her husband Reggie is her biggest fan.

7) Asha Mandela:- Longest hair in the world at nineteen and a half feet long. Just think of the haircut savings. The 50-year-old Atlanta resident has earned the name “the Black Rapunzel” because she holds the Guinness World Record for “World’s Longest Dreadlocks,” which she has owned since 2008.

8) Mayra Hills :- German adult model, with the world’s largest augmented breasts.For those who want to deal in detail, she wears the bra size of 32Z. Each breast contains 10 litres of saline and weighs 20lbs, in total, they weigh 18.4 kg. In the porn industry, she is known by name Beshine.

9) Valeria Lukyanova :- Ukrainian model and entertainer, born on 23 August 1985 notable for her resemblance to a Barbie doll. The ultra thin Valeria Lukyanova was born with thin long limbs and huge blue eyes just like a barbie doll.

10) Kim Goodman:- Lives in Chicago, Illionis and Holding the Guinness World Record for largest eye protrusion at 0.47 inches i.e she is able to pop her eyes out of her eye sockets.

11) Supatra sasuphan:- This 11-year-old girl from Thailand is the world’s hairiest, girl. She suffers from Hypertrichosis caused by a faulty chromosome. Before the condition, also known as Ambras Syndrom. Supatra has thick hair growing over her face, ears, arms, legs and back. Even laser treatment has failed to stop the hair growth.

12) Michelle Kobke :- Lives in Germany with smallest waist in the world. She has been wearing corsets every single day for three years in a row to permanently alter his physical shape.

13) Elisany da Cruz silva:- 18-year-old girl from brazil that stands at 6 feet 9 inches in height is the tallest teen in the world. She grew so tall because of a tumour on her pituitary gland which doctors have since removed. She is engaged to her boyfriend who is only 5ft 4 in.

14) Aneta Florczyk :- Born on February 26, 1982 is a Polish strong woman. Started her career at the age of 16, as a powerlifter and is the winner of strong woman in the world. She benches 297 lbs (135kg), squats 540lbs (245kg), and deadlifts 595 lbs (270kg). She also has the world record for frying pan rolling, rolling 5 pans in a minute.

15) Ataye Eligidagne :- An Ethiopian woman who has the largest lip disc in the world measuring 7.6 inches (19.5 cm) across. The 20-year-old Ethiopian dons the largest lip disc in the world with a whopping 59.5 cm in circumference and 19.5 cm in diameter. That means it’s over twice the size of the average disc. She beats the current lip disc on the Guinness Book of World Records which is just 15cm in diameter.According to Ethiopian tradition, the lip disc has major significance. It is meant to attract husband for the bride and also attract dowry for the bride’s family. Oh, and the dowry depends on the size of the disc worn by the bride.

I hope you would have liked the list of these 15 Amazing Women Unbelievable To Exist on the world. The person who see them get shocked seeing them. If you liked this collection you would also surely like the 100 Interesting Facts About Women.

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