Information On Facts About Qutub Minar Delhi

Information On Facts About Qutub Minar Delhi :- Qutub minar has an curious history and is one of the famous historical monument of india in the world. Qutub minar is located in capital city of india i.e delhi in Qutub complex at Mehrauli in South Delhi. Who Built Qutub Minar – it was started by Qutab-ud-din-Aibak and later completed by his successor iitutmish. It was declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.



1.Qutub Minar. was built in 1192 A.D

2.Building of qutub minar took long time to built i.e about 75 years.

3.Qutab Minar has 379 steps in total.

4.Height of Qutub Minar is 73 meters i.e (239) feet.

5.At the foot of the tower is Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, the first mosque to be built in india.

6.How many floors in Qutub Minar – It has 5 storeys and each tower is built with uniqueness in design.

7.It has diameter of 14.3 meters at bottom which decreases to 2.4 meters at top.

8.Qutub Minar is made of red sandstone and arabic inscriptions on it and carvings from Holy Curan. First three towers are built with sandstone and top two towers are built with marble and sandstone.

9.Why was Qutub Minar built – Important reason for construction of this historical monument was for making the calls for the prayer.

10.After an accident in 1981 climbing was banned on tower by government of india.

11.Qutub Minar has been damaged several times due to lightning storm and earthquakes, but has been repaired on times as a result if you have seen it or will see it, it is tilt towards one side, its not straight.

12.According to archeological survey, place where qutub minar is located was once occupied by 27 hindu and jain temples.These were destroyed by islamic invaders to obtain stone and raw material for the there mosques and buildings.

13. Qutub Minar timings:- 10 A.M – 5P.M

In the end qutub minar has very vast history which is not possible to completely unfold it here but still i have told you the about all the major facts from its history which you would have found interesting to read and know about.So thats all necessary Information On Facts About Qutub Minar Delhi you were searching for.

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