Interesting And Amazing Facts About Universe

Today I will be bringing to your knowledge some of the Interesting And Amazing Facts About Universe which you would be surprised to know, as some of the facts are really unbelievable too.The vast empty space around us is the universe and it consists of stars, solar systems, galaxies etc.As if now i can’t wait to share with you these Interesting And Amazing Facts About Universe.

Interesting And Amazing Facts About Universe

Interesting And Amazing Facts About Universe

Interesting And Amazing Facts About Universe

1) 55 cancri e diamond Planet:-

It’s an extrasolar planet orbiting the sun and discovered on august 30, 2004.Its mass is 7.8 times that of earth and twice the diameter of the earth.One-third mass of the planet is made up of carbon much of which will be in form of diamonds due to temperatures and pressures in the planet’s interiors.

2) Diamonds rain on Saturn and Jupiter:-

Methane in the atmosphere is burned up by the lightning and transformed into carbon clouds.These carbon clouds while raining get together and form graphite which gets subjected to intense pressure when it gets close to the planet and transforms into precious diamonds. But these diamonds melt when they come close to planet surface due to its very high temperatures.

3) One million Earths can fit inside Sun:-

Sun is at the center of our solar system and our planets orbit around it and the sun make up 99.8% of the entire mass of our solar system.

4) Footprints on moon will stay there for 100 million years:-

Moon don’t have its atmosphere it means there is no wind and water to wash up or remove any footprints.This means the footprints of our spaceships and astronaut that visited the moon will be still there for a very long time.

5) Two pieces metal if same type stuck together:-

Two pieces of the same type of metal if touch up in space they will bond and be permanently stuck together.As such thing don’t happen on earth but it happens in space. This sticking process is known as cold welding.

6) Star 1500 times bigger than Sun:-

W26 an extremely massive star and largest star ever discovered.Its mass is 10 times of sun and is 16000 light years away from earth.

7) 2011 earthquake in japan shortened the days on earth by 1/8 microseconds:-

In 2011 earthquake hit japan at a very high magnitude of 9.0 which was highest in japan history and fourth highest in world history. Then came the report that it shortened the day by1 /8 microseconds.Reason behind was speeding up of earth rotation because earthquake shifted the distribution of earth’s mass.

8) Saturn could float if placed in water:-

Saturn could float in water if possible to put it in a large source of water due to its low density as compared to water. The second factor as Saturn is made of entirely gasses, so chances of floating are more bright.

I loved to know about these facts of the universe and more happy to possibly share them with you too.

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