Most Dangerous Bridges In the World

Most Dangerous Bridges In the World list. When it comes to bridges, i would like to share about some of the most dangerous bridges in the world that are very difficult to cross and seems scary also.Some looks really dangerous and difficult to cross. There is an long list of dangerous bridges in world but i reached to the list of only 14 which i think are right to be it here.


1) Iya Valley Vine Bridges – Japan
About:-These original bridges were built with the help of slats of wood. Now, the reconstructed and rebuilt bridges have been equipped with wire and hand rails.
Location:-Tokushima, over the Iya-gawa River
Length:-148 feet
Width:- 2 meters wide
Height:-46 feet

2) U Pain Bridge – Myanmar
About:-Oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world. It features 1,086 pillars that stretch out of the water, some of which have been replaced with concrete.
Location:-Mandalay, Myanmar
Length:-¾ miles
Height:-15 feet

3) Puente de Ojuela-Mexico
About:- It’s dangerous wood floor makes it one of dangerous bridges to cross. The steel cables are there which have been suspended with the help of two towers.
Location:- Located in Mapim­, in the Mexican state of Durango, at the site of the Ojuela Goldmine.
Length:- 1043 feet
Width:- 2 feet
Height:- 360 feet

4) Capilano Suspension Bridge – Canada
About:- This suspension bridge is very high, narrow and extremely shaky.
Location:-North Vancouver, British Columbia, across the Capilano River.
Length:- 450 feet
Height:- 230 feet

5) Trift Suspension Bridge – Switzerland
About:-To reach there you will need to get to the cable car that is in Meiringen, where you will get a ticket for the gondola. After you should expect not easy uphill hike for 1 hour 30 min – 2 hours to the bridge.Its view make it very dangerous Bridge.
Location:-Trift Glacier, near the town of Gadmen in the Swiss Alps.
Length:- 558 feet
Height:- 328 feet

6) Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge – Northern Ireland
About:-These research studies also suggest that visitors who walk across, they cannot return and have to go by boat.
Location:- Ballintoy in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Length:- 65 feet
Height:- 100 feet


7) Monkey Bridges – Vietnam
About:- They are typically made of a single bamboo log and one handrail, so very dangerous Bridges to cross.These bridges are built by hand by local residents and vary from town to town. Newer ones are made of concrete.It may seem that only monkeys could make it across traditional monkey bridges
Location:- Mekong Delta at the southern tip of Vietnam.

8) Hanging Bridge of Ghasa – Nepal
About:- The fact that this bridge has been poorly constructed, every day not only the humans but also the cattle cross it in a large number.
Location:- Gus Village, Nepal
Length:- 137m (1,128ft)
Height:- 70m (443ft)

9) Taman Negara National Park Bridge Malaysia
About:- Every day hundreds of local people and tourists cross this bridge to reach to the other side of the area.
Location:- Taman Negara national park, Malaysia
Length:- 550 mts
Height:- 40 mts

10) Musou Tsuribashi Bridge Japan
About:- The bridge is held together mostly by wire, with thin wooden boards across its width for stabilization.It is crossed by hundreds and thousands of people every day. If you have the plan to cross this bridge, you should think twice because it is really going to be a terrible experience
Location:- Located in Southern Japanese Alps known as Musou Tsuribashi.

11) Aiguille du Midi France
About:- One of the shortest bridges on this list.In order to reach the bridge, you must first brave a cable car ride from the ski resort of Chamonix, that transports visitors up a terrifying 9,200 ft.
Location:- France
Height:- 12600 feet

12) Foot Bridges Pakistan
About:- This bridge is hanged high with poor suspension and was constructed with poor material.
Location:- Pakistan
Length:- Small
Width:- Narrow
Height:- Not Much

13) Queen Mary’s Bridge (Marienbrucke)
About:- The bridge crosses a large gorge, with steep cliffs on both sides. Underneath runs a water fall from the surrounding mountains down into the valley.
Location:- Neuschwanstein castle in Hohenschwangau,Bavarian Alps, Germany.

14) Vitim River Bridge – Russia
About:- It’s one of the scariest bridges in the world. During the Siberian winter, the bridge becomes even more challenging as the wood turns into an ice slick that provides no traction. It’s made of wood and not in a very good condition. It will take a good 3 minutes to drive across it if you are a skilled driver.
Location:- Located in Siberia
Length:- 570 meters (1870 feet)
Height:- 50 feet

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