Gate Tower Building In Osaka Japan

Gate Tower Building In Osaka Japan is one of the Fabulous building and has one curious highway passing through the building name Hanshin Expressway. Gate Tower Building In Osaka Japan is 16 story located in Fukushima-ku , Osaka, japan. Buildings 5th, 6th and 7th floor consists of this Hanshin Expressway and the building is proudly known by name as gate tower building in osaka japan. I would love to show you some fabulous images of this building.


1) Gate Tower Building In Osaka Japan is really the consequence of a fight between the Landowners and the Japanese Government. As the land owners wanted to expand their territory but the government had planned an expressway from that place. The landowners declined to surrender and arranged with the Hanshin Expressway enterprise for more or less five years to achieve the current result.

2) Hanshin Expressway passes inside this Gate Tower Building without touching and affecting it, as the engineers placed clamor sealing dividers and deck.

3) Height of this Gate Tower Building is 71.9 m.

4) Gate Tower Building was designed by Azusa Sekkei and Yamamoto-Nishihara Kenchiku Sekkei Jimusho.

5) Building lift skip from the fourth to the eighth floor and doesn’t stop between.

6) It has 16 floors above ground, 2 floors underground and 1 floor counted as the mechanical penthouse.

7) The Hashin highway is surrounded by a structure to protect the building from noise and vibration.

8) There is also one helipad on Gate Tower Building.

9) The building’s nickname is ‘The Beehive’ because of its shape and the traffic that goes in and out of it. Like the cars are bees.

To see the traffic running on hanshin highway passing through the middle of the Gate tower building you don’t need to visit japan, we will show you here only by video.

For more information on gate tower building you can go through wikipedia library too.

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